Financial Calendar

Information on the past and future Annual General Meeting of Staramba SE, Berlin, can be found here.

Date Event Links
28/09/2017 Publication of the interim financial statements final_q2_bericht_20170928.pdf
12/09/2017 Prior Börse-Konferenz in Frankfurt final_staramba_praesentation_priokonferenz_20170911.pdf
07/09/2017 Roadshow in Hamburg final_staramba_praesentation_roadshow-hh_201708905.pdf
28/06/2017 Annual General Meeting final_staramba_hauptversammlung_20170725.pdf
08/05/2017 8. DVFA Frühjahrskonferenz, Frankfurt am Main
28/04/2017 Publication of the consolidated financial statements financial_statements_de.pdf
14/03/2017 Prior Capital Market Conference
15/02/2017 ODDO Seydler Small & Mid Cap Conderence, Frankfurt / Main