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We are running the fastest growing network of 3D scanning systems. Check out our options and features included.

VR <strong>Database</strong>

VR Database

Browse staramba's VR database and explore more than 6.000 photorealistic 3D characters of international celebrities and private models. Get full access through our online navigator or through our developer friendly VR API. Casting sophisticated 3D characters for professional VR, AR, gaming or CGI productions has never been easier.

Our characters are digital copies of real human bodies. Hence they look more natural and realistic than artificial characters. Due to our global partner network of high end 3D Instagraph scanning stations Staramba owns the most advanced stock of fully fledged 3D body scans available on the market.



VR Staramba is a virtual place where you can meet and interact with international celebrities. Experience a virtual concert of your favorite music band, take a private training lesson with your personal sports idol or become an actor inside a virtual movie scene with a real Hollywood star.

3D <strong>Instagraph</strong> Pro and Fusion

3D Instagraph Pro and Fusion

The new 3D Instagraph Pro and the upcoming 3D Instagraph Fusion link industrial strength and and smart process automation to one of the most advanced full body scanning systems available on the market.

Managing the full life cycle of modern full body 3D scanning can be very challenging. Hence staramba's 3D Instagraph ships with a superior business concept and a cloud based software platform that unleashes the power of our brand new 3D rendering engine and post production pipeline. Be ready for the next level of 3D scanning. Be ready for the new 3D Instagraph.


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