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  • VR Staramba is coming in fall 2017
Staramba’s VR Experience

Staramba’s VR Experience

Staramba’s VR Experience is the place to meet and interact with international celebrities from sports, music and entertainment. Visit a virtual concert of your favorite band, take a private training lesson with your personal sports idol or become an actor inside a virtual movie scene with a real Hollywood star.

Staramba invites you to sign up as an Alpha tester. Be one of the first who gets impressions of Staramba’s VR Experience and gets an exclusive glimpse in our unique VR world by interacting with photorealistic stars.

Unfortunately, we are not able to grand everybody the chance to take part in the Alpha Test of Staramba’s VR Experience yet. Don’t be disappointed if you are not chosen for our closed Alpha, because you have still the chance to get chosen for our closed Beta in March 2018 as well as the public Beta in June 2018. For further news visit our website regularly and follow us on facebook and instagram.

This is Staramba’s VR Experience

Staramba’s VR Experience - Sign up as Alpha tester now!

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<strong>interactive</strong> sports

interactive sports

VR Staramba is about transporting feelings and emotions. Relishing a StarIsland experience will lift you away into a fantastic world.

experience adventures together with friends

VR Staramba is a social place in VR. Communicating with your friends, sharing your emotions and producing shared memories is what makes StarIsland so special.

train together with friends

upcoming citizens of VR Staramba

VR Staramba is closely connected to our growing VR database. Each day new celebrities, but also private people arrive at VR Staramba in order to enjoy flabbergasting moments inside our virtual world.

use your <strong>favorite VR device</strong>

use your favorite VR device

VR Staramba does support various input devices like VR-gloves and VR-sticks.

Be <strong>part of the story</strong>

Be part of the story

Showing your own face and interact with other people just as if they were standing in front of you: that's what creates the perfect immersion while visiting fictional as well as real places.

Bringing your own virtual character to StarIsland is easy. Just visit one of out scanning locations in your city. This year certified partner locations will be available in more than 130 cities.

supported <strong>platforms</strong>

supported platforms

VR Staramba will be available on all VR major stores.

developers <strong>welcome</strong>

developers welcome

In order to build an open space for VR adventures, VR Staramba will provide an SDK, that enables you to contribute your visions.