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3D Instagraph

176 camera modules, integrated depth sensors, full rendering process automation, open software interfaces, smart lock integration and a proven business concept - that's what makes the new 3D Instagraph one of the most advanced full body 3D scannings systems you have ever seen.



As soon as you have been scanned, the 3D Instagraph's cloud rendering engine automatically generates your high-res 3D model and sends it to your smartphone or computer.

After reviewing the 3D model on your own device, you can decide what to do next: safely store it inside the cloud as a digital hologram, share it with your family and friends, post it on facebook, import it into your favorite VR, AR or gaming application, use it for virtual fashion safaris or even order a little 3D figurine of yourself.

Scanning <strong>Assistant</strong>

Scanning Assistant

The new 3D Instagraph is a self-operating system that enables you create professional 3D scans just by using the built-in touch panels inside and outside the scanning room.

The integrated scanning assistance guides you through the process and ensures that the generated 3D model will match your expectations. Due to our single sign-on option (facebook, Google Plus and more) you can easily link your scan data to external websites, online shops, fitness apps and various other applications.

Cloud <strong>Platform</strong>

Cloud Platform

Our Cloud Platform is a tool for users, owners and services providers. As a user, you get access to various services like fitness, fashion and gaming applications that refer to your 3D model.

As the owner of a 3D Instagraph, the Cloud Platform gives you detailed insight into your system's activities and allows you to easily track your revenue based on the system generated business statistics. As a service provider you can link your related software service to our platform and enhance our user's experience while pursuing your own business goals.

Motion <strong>Detection</strong>

Motion Detection

The 3D Instagraph is equipped with a smart motion detection system. Based on the detected position, data the 3D Instagraph gently tells you how to position inside the scanning room in order to get your desired scanning result.

Smart <strong>Lock</strong>

Smart Lock

Our Smart Lock is another brand new innovation that qualifies the 3D Instagraph for various use cases that are not suitable for other 3D scanning systems.

The secret: as a user you can identify yourself using the 3D Instagraph's front touch panel. Once you have confirmed your identity by email, phone or SMS, the door can be unlocked automatically. After you have been scanned, the door closes and locks behind you safely as soon as you left the scanning room. This feature makes the 3D Instagraph the perfect device for public places like shopping malls.

Compact and Mobile

The 3D Instagraph is easy to assemble and can be built up by 2 persons in less than 60 minutes.

Dynamic <strong>Advertising</strong>

Dynamic Advertising

As an optional feature, the 3D Instagraph supports dynamic advertising. The Cloud Platform enables you to upload, compose and spread your video ads all around the globe – no matter where your 3D Instagraph is located. The new content will be delivered over night and starts displaying within a pre defined time window.


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